Joe Collenette

Joe has been personal training at One2One for 3 years and since October 2017, directs the business and the gym. His personal training style is relaxed with client enjoyment and welfare always placed as highest priority.  

Certified as:

  • Diploma in Personal Training

  • Obesity and Diabetes Management

  • Exercise referral 

  • Life coach trainee

“Joe pushes me hard but also recognises when I’m having a bad day and will take the intensity down a notch if needed. No two sessions are the same. ”


Errol Hull

Errol has been a boxing coach for over 10 years. His skills and technique have been influenced by time spent in various Gyms, most notably visiting the Mayweather Boxing Club in Las Vegas!

Certified as:

  • Registered Boxercise Personal Instructor.

  • Boxercise Advanced Skills & Personal Trainer.

  • Boxing coach - Muhammad Ali Fitness Training.

“Training with Errol is awesome, every session is different, you work every part of your body in every session. I am constantly moving and I really look forward to every session.”