About us

What does it mean to be fit and healthy? Due to external pressures from influences such as Facebook, Instagram, celebrities and peers it’s a common belief that we all have to be following a super food diet, workout everyday, sculpt a brimming chest and hips just to be happy in our own skin! 

Obsessive habits are common now. People jump on an extreme gym and nutrition bandwagon to look like Beyoncé or Arnold Schwarzenegger. Others will feel intimidated, disengage from exercise altogether and get addicted to eating or drinking for relief. Obsessions can be quite destructive. As a result: obesity, diabetes and mental health issues surrounding a person’s body image are on the rise.

My private coaching gives individuals a positive mind-set to help make necessary adjustments to their nutrition and exercise habits to bring them back into balance. I am here to help you be at peace with your body and strive towards a realistic healthy lifestyle.

Our personal training gym provides the most personal atmosphere for an enjoyable workout. Whether your goals are muscle growth, cardiovascular, obesity, diabetes, weight management, nutrition or injury rehab related, we are close by guiding you with advice in and out of the gym!


Each workout is 30 or 45 minutes long. Strength, cardiovascular, flexibility and core fitness are all bared in mind. To adhere to these principles of health and fitness, we use a variety of training types including: weight training, boxing coaching, HIIT and Yoga. We stress the importance of nutrition and lifestyle, regular consultations and on-going advice is included to make sure the stuff you do inside the gym really does make a difference to what goes on outside the gym!



£65 — 3x 30 mins sessions
£65 2x 45 mins sessions
£20 — 1x 45 mins session for group of 2+

First session is free


“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then not an act but a habit.”